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Simon & Gilliam Hughes. England

«We have enjoyed Spanish lessons with Carlos for the past 5years.
Carlos is very versatile in the way he teaches, from grammar to topical conversations, and shows immense patience.
As he is a native Spaniard you learn the correct way to speak Spanish and learn about its ways and culture too».

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Joseph Robertson. Austin, USA

«I have been taking lessons with Carlos for over a year now.  I am a small business owner and work with many people from Latin America in my business.  Before taking lessons with Carlos I tried many other things to try and achieve my goal of becoming conversational in Spanish.  What is unique about Carlos is that his lessons are customized to what you need to learn or what you want to learn.  Carlos is very friendly and patient.  Carlos also understands that the Spanish spoken where I live is different than in Spain.  He is adept at knowing how to adjust his lessons according to my needs and according to the Spanish spoken where I live.  I highly recommend Carlos if you are serious about learning a language».

Kristen. USA

«I have taken Spanish classes from Carlos for a few years.  He is wonderful instructor who is patient, kind and has a great sense of humor.  He loves what he is doing and it shows in the way he works with his students. I have learned so much from his classes and each week we discuss a new topic or I have a grammar lesson we have decided upon.  He explains everything clearly and provides examples so I have a better understanding of how a word or phrase is used.  I am looking forward to traveling to Spain in the near future and know that all the Spanish classes I have had with Carlos will help me in my travels around Spain».

Pieter Bailleul. Belgium

«I started taking classes with Carlos in the spring of 2014. Having had classes before, Carlos quickly adapting the content of the classes to my needs. Over the past two years we have been meeting every week and the classes have moved from grammar & vocabulary focused (which he brings with great enthusiasm and flair, making it even fun!) to more conversational classes, talking about topics that are either helpful for my specific work-related needs or that I find of interest.

Because of the flexibility and the personal approach during the one-on-one Skype sessions, I have found it a way to learn Spanish in an informal environment that allows rapid advancements. The proof is in eating the pudding: after almost two years of lessons with Carlos I moved to Barcelona for work, being able to express myself quite fluently.

I can highly recommend Carlos and the way he teaches through Skype to anyone who wants to learn or advance its knowledge of Spanish!»

Susanne Wolf. Germany

«For about three years I’ve been taking a weekly conversation class with Carlos. Having with him an excellent native teacher who is very friendly and attentive is the most important thing for me. His intention is to offer you, if you really want to learn Spanish, lessons very well prepared taking place regularly. That means lessons coinciding perfectly with your personal needs.

We construct the conversation class by using links chosen from the Internet, the big net of never ending possibilities. Then we talk about the topics in an informative and enjoyable way at the same time the working atmosphere is always very relaxed.

This really good mixture is exactly the reason why I’ve been improving both in a short time my spoken Spanish as well as my knowledge of the Spanish grammar (Carlos is a really expert on this)».

Jack Duff. Republic of Ireland

«I have been having classes for just over a year now and my enthusiasm and confidence have grown. I can read Spanish newspapers and books and only occasionally have to consult a dictionary. But the real point of learning a language is to be able to speak it, and that’s where Carlos’s classes have been invaluable for me. I am no longer nervous or self conscious in speaking Spanish.

I look forward to my weekly class with Carlos. I now regard him as a friend as well as a teacher. I don’t think a class has passed without us having a great laugh. If you want to learn and speak Spanish, I have no hesitation in reccommending Carlos. I think you will find his class is relaxing, friendly and funny».

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Dr Ljudmila Levy. Bulgaria

«I have been a once per week student learning Spanish from Carlos. He is a patient caring and vibrant teacher who has been encouraging and pushing my skills and ability to reach its potential. A good sense of humour has facilitated the quick passing of time of each session I have no problem endorsing his services to other potential students».








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