How it works

se-habla-espanol-buenaHave you ever tried Spanish Lessons? What if a profesional and a highly recommended native teacher could give you affordable «one to one» lessons? What if you could learn from home or at work by Skype? This way of learning is easy, comfortable, funny, flexible… Come on, let´s try!  I will offer you a free trial class!!

1  Book a free trial class

freeContact me by email asking for a free trial class. Please include in your email something about you, your level of Spanish (beginner, intermediate, advanced), your goals and your availability for the trial class (Please include at least least 2 days and times that would work for you). The trial class is free.  I don’t ask for any payment details, and you are under no obligation to continue.

2  What to expect

Once we have scheduled the lesson, we will share our Skype contact and be ready for the lesson.  It’s that easy, all you need is a set of speakers (or headphones), a microphone (or headphones with a microphone), and webcam. If you have never used Skype I will teach you some basic things. You will see Skype is perfect for our classes!

To begin, we will talk for a while (English or Spanish) about the course, the schedule, the method, the materials, cancellations,… Then we will have a 40 minutes lesson. Remember, there is no obligation to continue classes if you are not interested.

3  Scheduling Classes

  • How often:  We will plan the lessons according to your availability, goals , and current level of Spanish. Many students take one class per week while others might choose to take 2 or more per week.  The important thing, it it is all up to you.
  • Schedule.   Once we choose the date and time for your class, we will stick to that schedule unless of course you need to change things.  I am flexible.
  • Duration. About 55 minutes.
  • Materials for the class. I send them by mail before each lesson.
  • Homework. I will facilitate some homework and activities related to the topic we have discussed or will be discussing in class.   Of course, you are not required to do homework but I have found that those who do their homework advance more rapidly.

4  Payments


All the payments will be done by PayPal. You pay per class but and there are no extra charges for homework or additional learning material that I might send you. You will receive an email from PayPal with the secure payment details.  This is very easy and you don´t need to have a PayPal account. If you have any other questions please email me or we can speak more during class.

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